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Want to learn more about the first-ever Union branch solely for UK-based non-performing Fashion Creatives? Click the link below to access our 'How to Build Your Union' presentation. We've created a handy PDF that you can read as well as a Video & Audio presentation. 

UK-based non-performing Fashion Creatives can join the Union by clicking the link below. Please provide your Job Title / Grade and ‘Fashion UK’ as your sector/branch.




Currently we cater for:



Fashion Stylists


Set Designers /Prop Stylists



If you work in the UK Fashion industry and there is not currently a Union that looks after your role within the industry, please get in touch and we can discuss creating space for you within our branch.

If you have any trouble with the website, please email and our Official will help you.

The first step in organising your Union is to get talking. We have built a Fashion UK WhatsApp community for you to talk to your fellow Fashion Creatives.  The community is for both Union members and non-members. Join by clicking the link below. There are chats for every type of job; if you feel like there is one missing, then please let us know.

Don't feel safe at work?


Do you have a Health & Safety (including bullying/harassment) concern or are a victim of Sexual Harassment? You can find information in the links below, and report instances using the forms on those pages. We welcome information from anyone working in the UK's Fashion Industry in a non-performing role, whether or not you are a Bectu member. However, we are only able to provide direct support for Bectu members.


Bectu members are advised to fill out the appropriate form as well as contact your official.



Please remember H&S form is not a substitute for accident/incident reporting. You should still report the matter to your employer, engager, client and/or HSE or the local council. If you have any urgent concerns or queries, please call Bectu’s head office on 0300 600 1878 (8:30am and 6pm, Monday – Friday) or contact your official.

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